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Myrtle Beach Foreclosure  Auction

 scheduled for January 4, 2010


"investors, second home buyers or others looking for an excellent deal on a Myrtle Beach Condo"




Do you know which properties in Myrtle Beach are going to be foreclosed on next month?


Now You Can! 

We are now offering a PRE-FORECLOSURE

list of all Myrtle Beach Properties to be auctioned at the next




             You can have a list of all properties coming up at the foreclosure sale each month at the Horry County Courthouse



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Some of the best deals are still made right on the courthouse steps.


Many banks are now bidding for much less than current lien amounts. 


So when the bank puts in their bid at a reduced bottom dollar amount, then you can bid just $1 more and yours is the winning bid




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  This information can not be found anywhere else on the internet

We personally go down to the courthouse, contact banks, and foreclosure attorneys to assimilate this information for you in advance of the sale so that you can make your deal before or at the sale on a Myrtle Beach Foreclosure

Other sites such as and RealtyTrac offer old and incomplete information - plus they sell their data at a much higher price.

                                Our data is updated on a bi-weekly basis

View a Sample Data list: 



What do others say about our pre-foreclosure data?


Having this data in advance of the sale enabled me to purchase a marina view condo on the Intercoastal Waterway for only 1/3 of the price of what the previous owner paid.

S. Spangler
Wilmington, NC
I was able to use the pre-foreclosure information and contact the owner of the property before the foreclosure sale,  I made a deal directly with the owner at 60% of market price before the Golf Villa at Barefoot Resort was to be sold.  Without this pre-foreclosure data, I would not have had the owner's contact information to make this deal

R. Robertson
Columbia, SC
Because I had the contact information of the foreclosure attorneys, I was able to find out the bottom dollar price that the lender was willing to take at the foreclosure sale.  Knowing this information in advance, prepared me to buy two oceanfront condos in North Myrtle Beach for practically the price of one

P. Madison
Toledo, OH


As a pre-foreclosure subscriber you will receive:


  • Each Subject Property Address coming up on the next auction
  • Each Owner Name of Subject Property
  • Address of Owner
  • Case Reference Number
  • Name of Lender
  • Address of Lender
  • Contact Information of Foreclosing Attorney
  • Property Tax Value Amount
  • Current Lien Amount
  • Updated Bi-Weekly

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In order to preserve the best foreclosure opportunities for our subscribers,

we have limited the access of this data to only 100 subscribers

This offer has been reduced to only $47.99  $29.99 per month




Special Offer:

If you order in the next 48 hours, we will include a weekly list of all Myrtle Beach property owners who have received a "Notice of Intent to Foreclose" notice from the lender.


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This will give you an additional edge to finding a bargain.  With this additional list you will be able to contact the owner and     make a deal before a foreclosure date is even set.


This gives you as much as a 2 -3 month lead time to hunt for your bargain. 




With this special offer you will be receiving 4 lists per month which is


less than $8 per list. 


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Alert !


It is important to know that these properties are

 not bank owned foreclosures


These are properties that will be auctioned and if they don't sell, the bank will buy them back.


This is your chance to buy your choice property at the forclosure auction so that it does not go back to the bank.


Beware that the "free lists" you see on the internet are properties that have already been foreclosed on and have gone back to the bank and are now on the open market and MLS



This is YOUR OPPORTUNITY to buy a property



instead of after the foreclosure auction


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Purchase now and we'll send to you on a monthly basis the results of each foreclosure auction with list of properties sold,

purchase price and name of buyer at




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