Sandie’s Beech’s Review is your one stop Myrtle Beach guide.  Sandie Beech, a discriminating traveler and dedicated information provides you with everything available.   You will find information on Myrtle Beach real estate and the latest in Myrtle Beach development, too.  If you haven’t been able to visit South Carolina just yet, this review will help you know where to stay and why you want to be there.  These Myrtle Beach Reviews will be your guide.

The city itself has become a tourist destination because of all it provides.  A beautiful oceanfront area, with plenty to do for the couple, for the family or for the business getaway is what Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is.  You’ll find romantic getaways perfect for just two, in the sun and sand.  Take a look at some of the Myrtle Beach restaurants, destinations and fun festivals happening.

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