Myrtle Beach Conventions

Throughout Myrtle Beach, special events take place just about any time of the year.  Myrtle Beach conventions are often a not to miss event.  When you are traveling here, take the time to find out what is happening.  Of course, Sandie Beech’s Review will keep you posted on everything that is happening including all the best attractions, activities and events.

Perhaps the most well known convention found here is the Boat Show.  With the water lapping at the beach, there is no doubt that a good boat show is the route to take. The Grand Strand Boat Show generally takes place spring or summer months and is a must see event for the whole family.

The Myrtle Beach conventions listed here are a range of different, unique and often times quite amazing shows.  We rate them in a number of different ways.

  • • What the event offers
  • • Who the event is for (families, couples or something else)
  • • Where the convention takes place (and how you can get there)
  • • Special announcements and information
  • • Anything that is important to know

When you travel to Myrtle Beach, check here before you leave or while you are visiting to find out if there are any other great events taking place.  You are sure to find something to do and see here!  Of course, many of our local Sandie Beech’s Recommended Condos are nearby.  You can check that page of the blog to learn more about which opportunities are available to you.

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