Myrtle Beach golf is amazing for several reasons. The area is beautiful, giving plenty of opportunity for glorious days spent in the sun on the green. There are more than 70 golf courses available throughout Myrtle Beach, making it the #1 United States golf destinations in the world. The courses are amazing but varied, giving you plenty of locations to see and explore and you will never get bored doing so.


For a weekend away with the guys…for a family vacation on the green….for a girl’s weekend away…there is a Myrtle Beach golf course calling your name.


The Myrtle Beach golf courses listed here at Sandie Beech’s Review are rated for you based on what we believe makes them fantastic. Each review gives you the information you need to get started, too.



View Myrtle Beach Golf Courses here:

  • · The location of the golf course
  • · The details about playing there when you arrive
  • · The special features of the golf course
  • · Approximate rates (please note, these will change)
  • · Other necessary information


Depending on what your goals are when you arrive in Myrtle Beach, be sure you consider the fabulous amenities located on many of these Myrtle Beach golf courses including the training facilities, clubhouses and driving ranges. The fact is, with so many golf courses in the area, these courses are out to impress you so you come back.


What’s more, you will find that many of the Myrtle Beach condos for rent and Myrtle Beach condos for sale listed here at Sandie Beech’s Review are nearby the best of the best in these courses. You will love it here!

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