Myrtle Beach Night Life

When the sun goes down, Myrtle Beach nightlife really comes into focus.  You can keep the kids up late and enjoy all there is to see and do here. Or, head out on the town.  A stroll down any of the main streets is sure to reveal plenty of lights.  The beaches, while often quiet and comfortable, are a great place for a stroll (there aren’t any lifeguards on duty now, though)  and you will find plenty of people walking dogs, playing in the sand and even watching the stars.


Now, for those who want something more from Myrtle Beach nightlife, not to fear there is much more to do and see.


Myrtle Beach is one of the hotspots for clubs and there are more than a few you will need to make your rounds to!  Great drinks, loud music, fantastic food and of course all of the friends you can hope to make are here.  Comedy, shows, bars, and dancing make the nighttime, the real time to play and have fun.


  • ·         Club Kryptonite is one of the hottest clubs in Myrtle Beach
  • ·         Crocodile Rocks is absolutely great for fun and a good laugh
  • ·         Beach Wagon
  • ·         Comedy Cabana
  • ·         Brick House Lounge
  • ·         Stool Pigeons

These are just a small number of the Myrtle Beach nightlife destinations you need to visit when you arrive.


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Sandie Beech’s Tip: Nighttime is fun time here….catch a late night dinner and stay for the entertainment.  It is not all teens and those in their 20′s.  Many of the best adult shows, live entertainment and dancing happens after 8pm.


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