Springs Towers Myrtle Beach Condos

I’ve said it before: I like North Myrtle Beach and Springs Towers Myrtle Beach condos are a great diamond in the rough. The location is a high rise condo complex, but is well maintained and the amenities are fantastic. Here, you will find 3 bedroom 2 bathroom condos (perhaps some other formats are available depending on when you are looking.) Located at 2200 North Ocean Blvd, these are oceanfront Myrtle Beach condos. Be sure to check out the view from your master bedroom!

The condos here have great balconies, perfect for morning coffee and watching the sun go down. You will find a variety of other features including these:

• Larger sized living room and a family room/dining room combo
• Larger kitchen with breakfast bar and appliances
• Pool
• Hot Tub
• Fitness room if you must work out
• Sauna

Springs Towers is also in a great place. North Myrtle Beach has some of the best in Myrtle Beach golf courses, shopping, restaurants and shows. You can easily spend the day on the beach then have a nice dinner nearby. It is a good place for those with children, too. Plus, this condo complex is nicely maintained and decorated. It feels like home.

Those planning to rent a Myrtle Beach condo will find Springs Towers to be a good choice. Also, if you are in the market, consider the benefits if you buy Myrtle Beach condos here. They are highly desirable for their price, location and amenties.

What was your experience here? I would love to know how the staff treated you and where you stayed!

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Spring Creek Socastee Myrtle Beach Condos

Those who wish to buy a condo in Myrtle Beach will want to consider Spring Creek Socastee. There are many great condo complexes going up, but some are more charming and more relaxing, in my opinion than others. This one is a great choice for those reasons. It is located at 120 Spring Creek Drive in Myrtle Beach (though other condo units may be available elsewhere for this development.)

So, what does it have to offer? Plenty! For example, these townhomes are in a great location. You are just a few minutes from anything in Myrtle Beach, including all of Myrtle Beach’s golf courses, attractions, restaurants and the beach. Also, it is just a few minutes from the airport. Still, with all of that, these are still located where it is quiet and enjoyable.

Here’s a look at what some of the condos at Spring Creek have to offer:

• Nice covered porches and great space for backyard entertainment
• 2 bedroom 2 bathroom condos
• Larger sized bedrooms, dining room and living space
• New! These are new construction which means you can buy a new condo yourself

Right now, pricing on newer condos in Myrtle Beach is well below what the price was just 24 months ago. Plus, for those looking for rental income, it may be possible to use these as a rental Myrtle Beach condo. The area is still in high demand during the spring through the fall, but year round tourists are here, too.

Take some time to check out Spring Creek Socastee Myrtle Beach condos. I like them and I think you’ll find them quiet ideal for your stay or for your second home.

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Osprey Watch Myrtle Beach Condos

Individuals staying on Pawley’s Island should consider Osprey Watch Myrtle Beach condos. If you are vacationing here, condos for rent in Myrtle Beach here are quite affordable. These are available in several sizes, including the much sought after 3 bedroom 2 bathroom design. These condos are located right on the shoreline, making them highly affordable and a great option all around.

Also, consider Osprey Watch if you are looking to buy a Myrtle Beach condo. Some condos are currently available and most are highly maintained and taken care of. Here are some items to consider:

• Very nice views of the water
• Open, comfortable layout
• Most are two story condos
• Nice, large, comfortable living space
• Full kitchen with appliances and breakfast bar
• Screened in porches
• Pool and clubhouse, rec facilities available

There are some great condos available throughout the Myrtle Beach region, so you may be asking, why should Osprey Watch be on the list of places to stay or buy at? The location is great, right on Pawley’s Island, a nice and quiet location for visiting or for a second home. Another reason is that it is easy to get to all the best Myrtle Beach attractions including golf, restaurants and of course the beach itself.

This location at Osprey Watch is a great choice for those looking for some place to stay that is affordable yet comfortable. Take the time to check it out. Have you already been there? What are your thoughts?

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The Lodge at Pawley’s Island Myrtle Beach Condos

The Lodge at Pawley’s Isla is a unique condo for sure. It is built with a Arts and Crafts design to it, directly reflective of Frank Lloyd Wright. Located at 106 The Lodge at Pawley’s Island, it is a food place to enjoy a quiet getaway that is anything but crowded or overrun with tourism. This is a place to buy Myrtle Beach condos where you want to enjoy relaxation at its best.

There are many great features about the condos located here. While each condo is unique in its design and style, many have top of the line features impressive for the area. The complex is just a few minutes walking distance from several restaurants,  a coffee house, and several other Pawley’s Island locals.

The condos here are unique to themselves, but they may feature a variety of things including:

• Outdoor Fireplaces
• Hot tubs
• A pool available year round
• A library area
• Fitness center in the building
• Beautiful attention to detail including spa like bathrooms and bronze fixtures
• The location is striking in beauty
• Larger kitchen with nice sized master bedroom

Those who have stayed here will appreciate the great look and appeal of the Island. The Lodge at Pawley’s is definitely one of the better places to stay here. Its location also makes for a good option for those looking to buy Myrtle Beach condos. Many of the area condos are for rent, too. Myrtle Beach condos for rent may be available at this facility.

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The Island House Myrtle Beach Condos

The Island House Myrtle Beach condos are a fun, very beach themed location to stay at when you visit Myrtle Beach. They are even better if you planned on moving here or purchasing rental property here, as you can buy Myrtle Beach condos here. They are located at 217 North Dogwood in Surfside Beach, just a few minutes down the road.

There are some great features at this complex. For example, most condos are 2 bedroom and 1 ½ full baths. There is parking under the building for each unit. These are quaint condos that are a must stay if you want a traditional condo on the beach feel. But, there’s more to them than that.

• Nicely decorated, spacious condos
• Full kitchen with breakfast bar and appliances
• Nice outdoor area with a fenced in area, front porch and deck
• Pools

Many of the condos located here are well maintained and provide a range of different designs. For those looking for Myrtle Beach condos to rent, there may be some available here, depending on the time of year and availability during the season.

Myrtle Beach condos located in this area are a great choice for several reasons. They are a good bargain for their size and style. They are also well worth the investment in terms of rental property. This area is a great tourism area during the spring, summer and fall months especially. When you buy Myrtle Beach condos, you definitely want to keep this in mind (location, location, location!)

While I have not stayed at The Island House just yet, this is one Myrtle Beach condo I have seen and do recommend for smaller to medium size parties. Have you stayed here? Let us know your experiences.

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Heritage Complex in the Dogwood Estates

Located in Dogwood Estates, Heritage Complex is a new construction condo complex in Myrtle Beach. You will find that these are highly affordable condos that are just minutes from everything there is to do here. They are comfortable, well designed and affordably priced.  This is an upscale community (it is a gated community as well) and the condos fit nicely into the location.

When you buy condos in Myrtle Beach, like those at Dogwood Estates, you really get the benefit of living in a new home in one of the more amazing locations in the country. There are some nice benefits of buying a condo at Heritage Complex.

• Get a lifetime membership to an 18 hole Signature Golf Course
• Enjoy these townhomes and their longer term warranties
• Some homes are available with Smart Home Technology.
• Sound systems may be included
• Larger sized living rooms
• Low rise, up to 4 bedroom 3 bathroom condos
• Private parking

These condos may be available to rent Myrtle Beach condos. Yet, what they do make is a great place to purchase a second home or even rental property. The location is ideal, just minutes from the Myrtle Beach golf course, beach and attractions that so many come for. Plus, these are well priced currently (I have no idea if the price will change as these condos sell.)

For those looking for a way to enjoy their vacation, do consider Heritage Complex at the Dogwood Estates. They are a great set of townhomes for a larger family or group. They won’t let you down in quality either.

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Dogwood Estates at the Island Myrtle Beach Condos

Are you looking for long term investments that will pay off? The Dogwood Estates at the Island Myrtle Beach condos may be the best choice. This is new construction and some of the most beautiful in the area. For example, the complex is offering 3 bedroom 2 bathroom Myrtle Beach condos for vacationers and those looking for a second home (or even a first home!) Most come with two car parking, too.

You may find some Myrtle Beach condos for rent here, but most of this property is brand new and ideally selected by those who are looking to purchase a home here for residence or even as a rental property. I definitely recommend a visit as it can be one of the most relaxing of your time here.

There are several features available in some of the condos at Dogwood Estates:

• Check out the lifetime membership to an 18 hole signature golf course!
• These are mostly ranch homes
• Many come with long term warranties
• Some feature Smart Home Technology
• Large Carolina rooms
• Grill area and patios
• Large living rooms at 14 by 22, large master bedrooms and formal dining rooms
• Luxurious and very elegant

These condos for sale in Myrtle Beach are located in the Dogwood Estates region of Myrtle Beach. The condos are located minutes from Myrtle Beach golf, restaurants, shopping and all the shows.

This is the kind of luxury you deserve. Since these are construction properties, I am looking forward to inspecting them and finding out just how amazing they are. If you are visiting, let us know what your thoughts are.

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Tilghman Beach and Golf Resort Myrtle Beach Condos

The Tilghman Beach and Golf Resort is a good option for those that want fine amenities and easy access to golf. After all, isn’t that just what you came to Myrtle Beach for?  This condo complex has a number of different condo units available in a variety of styles, including 3 bedrooms and 3 full batch condos (rare in Myrtle Beach.)

The Tilghman Beach and Golf Resort is located at 1819 North Ocean Blvd. Many of the condos here are luxurious, filled with excellent amenities and well taken care of. You won’t regret what it has to offer. Here are some of the details you will find in this condo complex:

• Views overlooking the Surf Golf Club
• Beautiful lakes to enjoy
• Pools including a lazy river, both indoor and outdoor pools
• Indoor and outdoor grilling facilities
• Hot tub and sauna
• Living rooms as large as 13 by 14 with similar sized dining rooms
• Full size kitchens

Myrtle Beach condos for sale at Tilghman Beach and Golf Resort may be available currently. The location is in demand for those looking for a luxury condo in Myrtle Beach. You also may have the opportunity to rent a condo in Myrtle Beach here, though these are rented out quickly. (Book early if possible!)

Since the resort is located in North Myrtle Beach, you also have just about everything there is to do in the Myrtle Beach area within minutes of the condo. This includes great restaurants, shops, and golf courses. This is definitely a location you’ll want to consider checking out soon.

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Tilghman Beach and Racquet Complex Myrtle Beach Condos

Located in North Myrtle Beach, Tilghman Beach and Racquet Complex is a fantastic location for a vacation or for a second home. Just looking at it is relaxing! The complex is located at 206 North Ocean Blvd, placing it right on the beach.

Individuals looking for Myrtle Beach condos for sale will be impressed with this location. You will find a number of benefits to enjoy, including screened in porches and being just a block or so from Main Street. There, you will find Myrtle Beach golf, restaurants, shows and shops. It is really positioned nicely.

Amenities at this Myrtle Beach condo include:

• Spacious units with larger dining rooms, bedrooms and family rooms
• Raised beach foundation
• Balcony
• Outdoor pool
• Two lighted tennis courts
• Jacuzzi’s
• Children’s pool areas
• Cabana area
• Grilling area

The Tilghman Beach and Racquet Complex is an upscale location. Condos for rent in Myrtle Beach here may be limited, depending on when you visit and when you book them. For those looking for an opportunity, rental prospects for this location are also very good. The quality upkeep definitely helps to keep this complex worth staying at and owning a piece of.

While I haven’t stayed at the location yet, it is on the list of must stay locations for a number of reasons. First, for the location, amenities and quality, this condo complex is highly affordable. Second, its location means that everything you need is within a few minutes. Finally, I’ve heard nothing but good things about the location. Have you stayed here yet? Let us know your thoughts.

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Wellington Socastee Myrtle Beach Condos

I came across the Wellington Socastee Myrtle Beach condos and thought, wow, great price and location. It is located at 121 Olde Town Way, which is nearby to everything in Myrtle Beach. This means you have easy access to Myrtle Beach restaurants, golf, shows and more. You may even be able to walk to many of these to save on parking costs.

The condos are available in a number of styles, but the 2 bedroom, 2.5 bathroom townhome is a great choice. Some come with screened in porches, too, which makes for a good way to enjoy the summer nights. There are many benefits to those planning to buy Myrtle Beach condos here, including highly affordable properties in some of the more prestigious areas.

The Wellington Socastee Myrtle Beach condos include:

• A larger, formal dining room
• Nice sized kitchen with breakfast bar
• Screened porches
• Pools
• Located right by the newer Market Common area, which is “the” place to be in Myrtle Beach
• Nice closet space
• NEW: the condos and townhomes are often less than 2 years old!
• Outdoor storage may be available, too

Wellington Socastee Myrtle Beach is a good looking condo. It is a place that is as fresh and crisp at the ocean itself. If you would like to buy a new condo that is just minutes from the Atlantic Ocean, this condo development should be on your short list. Of course, the availability of condos will determine what you can find in them, but you will find the area to be an ideal choice.

If you have been able to rent Myrtle Beach condos at Wellington Socastee area, or the Market Common area, let us know about the location, the best place to eat nearby and anything else you experienced.

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